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【閉店】Yakiniku RIKI (やきにく りき)



焼肉居酒屋 りき(アメリカ・ニューヨーク)


250 East 52nd Street New York, NY (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave.)


*Business is permanently closed(2012)

Who said it’s impossible to find authentic Yakiniku in the States? Located in Midtown East, “Yakiniku Izakaya Riki” purveys not only high quality beef, but also Japanese favorites, such as Omu-Rice, Karaage, and Takana Cha-han. It’s packed with Japanese expats working in NYC so don’t anticipate the hip, modern décor you experience in the notable Japanese restaurants listed on the Michelin New York Guide.

Variety of meat is available here: Beef tongue, Short Rib, Ribeye, Skirt, etc. The Tokujo Gyu Tan (special beef tongue) is exquisite. You will be amazed with its succulence and unique sweetness. Additionally, it’s US beef (no offense). Furthermore, they have fair quality offal pieces, such as small intestine and liver. Don’t forget to ask their daily specials – they occasionally have premium beef shipped directly from Japan. You can have most of the dishes in either salt-seasoned or tare (sauce)-seasoned. Salt-seasoned meat is highly recommended if you want to appreciate their high quality meat. Ask for some salt on the side and add some on your own depending on your taste.

There is also space (i.e. Zashiki) for 10 to 12 for group dinner. Unless you fill your stomach with solely premium meat, the tab here is reasonable. One last note. Beware of the barkers around the corner soliciting you to the tempting piano bars (Kyabakura) as in Roppongi.



「焼肉居酒屋 りき」は、あなたがニューヨークで焼肉を食べたくなったときの選択肢の1つだ。お勧めは特上牛タン。適度な肉汁と甘みにきっと満足するはず。店員さんにその日お勧めの肉を聞くのも忘れずに。運がよければ日本から輸入した肉にありつけるかもしれない。お店から出た後は、近所の”飲み屋さん”の誘惑にご注意あれ。

Tokujo Gyu Tan
Tokujo Gyu Tan(特上牛タン)

Japan Raised Beef
Japan Raised Beef(日本から輸入の肉)

Daily Special -Nakaochi(中落ち)

・Tokujo Gyu Tan (special beef tongue):特上牛タン